Clean Up Day 1913

The church was formed in 1826 with 10 charter members.  The minutes show that Peacy Jainks was the first member and Polly Rutledge was the second.  At one time this church was probably one of the largest churches in this area.  It was first named Haynes Creek Church, then in 1832 it split over some wanting and some not wanting to support foreign mission work.  The people that stayed here did not support it.  The name of the church was then changed to Haynes Creek Primitive Baptist Church.  This church strongly believes in predestination. 

In 1905 records show the church had 72 members.  It now has 4 members as of January, 2018.

The land for the church was donated by a man that lived just across the road by the name of Mr. Austin Webb, who is buried here in an unmarked grave.  The first church building was made of logs.  In 1894 this present  building was built for a cost of $975.89. There were 184 people from the church and community that donated $ .25 to $28.35 with Mr. E. M. Brand donating $500.00.  Mr. Brand was the founder of The Brand Banking Company in Lawrenceville.  As you look over the cemetery, the tallest tomb marker is the Brand family marker.  The building was wired for electricity in 1957 and the pot belly stove added in 1958.

Pastors are called Elders in this church.  The first Elder here was John Landers.  The first sermon preached here was entitled “Upon This Rock I will Build My Church”.  The church has had 19 Elders since it was formed.  The one that served the longest was William D. Almond, serving for 40 years from 1863 to 1903.

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